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Folks – if you’re looking to watch the Super Bowl in Cusco, Faces of Cusco is your best option! Big screens, craft beer, real fans, and in-game audio are staples. Plus, there’s nothing more ironic than watching the big game in a Buffalo Bills bar! Email info@facesofcusco.com for a reservation! Please scroll to the bottom for more info.


For those of you who don’t know our NFL story, here’s a quick run-down:



  • Super Bowl 2015 – After a season of struggling to watch the NFL in Cusco via unreliable internet, I decided to check out a local “sports-bar” for the big game. What a mistake! Tiny TVs, a sorry excuse for beer selection, poor service, and awful food. The straw that broke this camel’s back was the lack of in-game audio. Madonna instead of play by play is simply unacceptable!


  • 2015 – 2016 – This started our NFL revolution in Cusco. We thought that instead of doing nothing special on a day off, it might be fun to buy NFL Sunday Ticket, a few TVs, HD Projector, and open Faces of Cuco to NFL Fans from around the world. We bought a fridge and stocked it with our favorite beers from across Peru and asked the restaurant next door to make wings, sliders, and other awesome Football food. The response was huge! We’ve met some incredible folks from around the world, shared beers with new friends, and watched the Bills win once in a blue moon. The Super Bowl last here was insane! We fit over 90 NFL fans into our humble “home” and enjoyed every second of the Broncos’ win.


  • 2016-2017 – What a great year for the NFL in Cusco! We’ve enjoyed every minute of action with great expats, locals, and travelers. Highlights include jam packed opening weekend, a rainy day in low-season that turned into an impromptu 90s party, and receiving a buffalo bills banner from visiting friends who found out about us via a previous blog post. We added new craft beers to the menu, grew the local fan-base, and invested in a better projector. The only black eye is that the Bills’ playoff-less run now has now been extended to 17 years. Next year will be oh so sweet if we make it!


Super Bowl 2017

…which now brings us to this week’s super bowl between the Falcons and Patriots. Though I personally will cheer for Atlanta and not the Cheatriots, we’ll have plenty of fans from both sides. To reduce the craziness from last year’s Super Bowl, we’re implementing the following:

  • Food specials from Café Bagdad next door. Great wings, sliders, tequeños, pizzas and Peruvian food
  • Three screens with surround sound including two big-screen projectors and the best NFL ambiance in Cusco!
  • We will do our absolute best to get the US feed for NFL commercials. This depends entirely on the internet. If not, we’ll have HD action in Spanish.

See you Sunday,



Where? Faces of Cusco!


Plaza de Armas

Portal de Carnes #216

Between the KFC and McDonalds





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