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As 2016 draws to a close, we are happy to announce our first ever Best of Cusco awards. After an exhaustive search, our team has carefully selected award winners for the Restaurant, Bar, Travel Agency, and Retail Store categories.

The inspiration behind these awards comes from the TripAdvisor feedback that we have received for the tips that we share during our workshops. Unfortunately, most of the information available online tends to be biased or outdated. For us, this is a chance to shed light on some of the better places in the city.

We encourage both travelers and locals alike to visit our award winners and to experience our favorite dishes and experiences in Cusco first-hand! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note at info@facesofcusco.com





Categories & Award Winners

The Faces of Cusco 2016 Awards are divided in 20 different awards. There are four categories in which the awards are handed out:

Peruvian Cuisine    –    International Cuisine    –    Tourism    –    Bars

Together, these categories cover a broad spectrum of the gastronomy and activities within Cusco. It is a combination of both tradition and progression, representing the stage Cusco is now in. Explore all the categories in which the Faces of Cusco 2016 Awards are issued below. Are you curious who are the 2016 Award Winners? Click below to find out!

Faces of Cusco '16 Award Winners

This category rewards the best peruvian dishes and food in 6 awards: Best Food, Best Ceviche, Best Alpaca Dish, Best Cuy, Best Fusion Menu and Best Chifa. Each of the winners serves delicious traditional dishes, a must try for those interested in the original Peruvian Cuisine.

This category rewards the best international dishes and food in 6 awards: Best Healthy Food, Best Finger Foods, Best Vegetarian Food, Best Italian & Wine, Best Family Food and Best Soups. Each of the winners contributes to the gastronomic variety of Cusco with their high-quality international food and drinks.

This category rewards the best tourist agencies in Cusco with 4 awards: Best Trekking Rental, Top Luxury Agency, Top Inca Trail Agency and Top Value Agency. These companies create a new standard for the quality of touristic services within Cusco and are an example to others.
This category rewards the best bars in Cusco with 3 awards: Best Lounge Bar, Best Craft Beer Bar and Best Club. The winners all excell at creating a great drinking experience by combining great drinks with a unique atmosphere and high-quality service.